Combinable Single Socks


Do you also have a laundry basket full of
lonely socks in the house?

With this collection you will never have to throw away a good sock again!

We sell by the piece, in pairs or more.

Lonely socks are a thing of the past.

If it depends on Zokk’n, the new Belgian brand that brings infinitely combinable single socks to the market.
By choosing a West Flemish name, the designer refers to her roots and her preference for local, European production.

Gamechanger and sustainable concept, made with luxurious materials, in collaboration with proud professionals.

Italian merino wool, knitted in Portugal.
The hand-linked toe and the structure of the Zokk’n, knitted on a true rib knitting machine, offer all the comfort for the feet: no irritation at the level of the toes and sufficient natural elasticity to the calves.

We start the collection with five references:
mix and match Bertha, Julienne, Sylvain, Omer and Walter

In the autumn we will expand the collection with two referencesClaude and Marcella

to mix or not to mix

Walter merino socks heat-regulating

Why per piece? Why not? If you have lost one sock, you can order it again. Or you can do a mix and match with the other Zokk’n. All colours feel each other perfectly! So creative feet, hurried feet, lazy feet, … often wear two different references, or not …  

With Zokk’n we focus on a target audience attached to originality, personality, sustainability. An audience that looks at the world with a curious look!

One pair of socks costs € 22, but we sell our Zokk’n by the piece. So at € 11. We only work with European partners and guarantee responsible fashion! We exclude child labour, as well as disrespectful working conditions. We also love animals and therefore only work with mulesing free wool!

I made with love wool all year round

Merino wool is particularly effective against sweaty feet! Thanks to its antibacterial, moisture and heat regulating properties. You can wear our woolen socks on warm days if you don’t want your feet to be heated. Don’t believe us? Ask your (grand)mother!

The polyamide and elastane guarantee stronger toes and heel. This does not mean that a washing programme should abuse the socks. Give a stretch to your sustainable existence, wash in lukewarm water. At Zokk’n we do not have a centrifuge. Everything dries wet on the wire and in wind wool dries faster than cotton. So we don’t see our socks shrink, over and over again, just like new from the pack!

Does your washing machine have a wool programme? Use it. Do you have a special wool detergent? Samesame.

Bertha durable merino socks for him and her and x
Photography: Oona Smet // Styling: Marieke De Pauw - Liza Babylon // Art Direction: Tone De Cooman // Model: Sarah Currinckx // Model by Jackie Lee Antwerp // Location: cc Westrand, Dilbeek

1 pair = € 22