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Soft feet deserve soft socks. With 85% merino, you get premium quality, and you know that those little feet will be best cared for, whether it's a cold winter or a hot summer. After all, the wool keeps sensitive skin...

why Zokk'n

Soft feet deserve soft socks. With 85% merino, you get premium quality, and you know that those little feet will be best cared for, whether it's a cold winter or a hot summer. After all, the wool keeps sensitive skin warm in the winter, or keeps it nice and cool in the summer!  

You buy each sock per piece (1 pair costs 15 €) so that you can immediately combine socks if you want.

Also important to know: wool socks are ideal for those who have sweaty feet, but also for those who want to avoid sweaty feet.


washing and care tips


Wool contains lanolin, a natural fat that is dirt and water repellent.
These merino wool socks are therefore very user-friendly, as long as you take into account the typical natural properties of wool. We list here why caring for wool is not that bad:

  • wool is self-cleaning, most people wear our Zokk'n four days in a row
  • hang our socks outside on the washing wire, after a while they are nice and fresh again
  • or... hang your wool socks in the bathroom while taking a hot shower (they love steam)
  • stains right? Let them soak for 5 minutes in lukewarm soapy water, then squeeze the water out of the socks without wringing
  • you wash wool with very little soap
  • rather in the washing machine? Use the wool wash program (max. 600 rpm)
  • did the Zokk'n wash with the jeans and shrunk seriously? You can still restore them with vinegar! (check youtube)
  • does it really not work? Ask your (grand)mother for help, she knows all about it


Wool is a wonderful natural material that you can enjoy for years to come. And it is much stronger than you may think. A few (surprising) facts:

  • choose a nourishing natural soap so that the fibers are nourished
  • avoid damage to your socks with well-groomed toenails
  • buy the right size
  • you learn to mesh socks quickly, it pays to do this in time (before there is a hole in your sock)
  • ask for a piece of yarn for free when purchasing in our webshop

shipping & returns

To send

We at Zokk'n are understanding. We know that now that you've ordered those blissfully warm zokk'ns, you want them on your feet as soon as possible. So we do our best. With the careful and fast processing of your data, the packaging of the zokk'n and the delivery of your package to bpost, PostNL or DPD. We do that every working day.
We don't work on a public holiday or a Sunday, then we go for a walk.


Do you have Walter received while you are more of a fan of Omer† Do you have the wrong size? It can happen from time to time and we at Zokk'n don't bother about it. By law you have the right to 14 days (from the delivery date) to review your purchase. You must inform us of this within those 14 days. You do not have to give a reason and you do not pay a fine. And then you get another 14 days to make sure the Zokk'n are back in our mailbox.

Ow, yes, important to know:

  • the socks are in original condition, unworn and undamaged
  • the socks were bought in our webshop
  • it would be nice if we get our box back
  • use the return label you received from us in an email
  • Insufficient or unstamped returns are not accepted by us
Once we have received the returned items in undamaged condition, we will refund the purchase price paid within 14 days, including transport costs if we have made a mistake with the order.In any other case, the buyer pays the return postage. Any price difference in connection with the exchange for a more expensive or cheaper product will of course be settled with you.


Despite all the convenience that we offer to send and return parcels, we believe that it should not be too crazy and that we should all be aware of packaging and transport. You can buy one piece from us and we will ship it. But who repeatedly buys just one piece hurts us a bit... May we also tempt you to visit the stores where the Zokk'n are located? Buying per piece is certainly no problem there and that's how you come out again. I'm sorry we're making such a fuss about this, but sustainability is part of our DNA.

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