We from Zokk’n are understanding. We know that now that you’ve ordered those lovely warm Zokk’n, you want them at your feet as soon as possible. So we do our best. With the careful and fast processing of your data, the packaging of the Zokk’n and the delivery of your package to bpost or another deliverer.
The latter usually happens on the day itself, at least if we have received the order on time and if the post office is still open.
This varies here: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays it can be disappointing because then the office closes at 5 pm. But look at Tuesday and Thursday it closes at 6 pm.
Every working day we cycle to the post office and for those who need it bpost does everything in its power to deliver on Saturdays, subject to extra payment.

If we don’t work on a holiday or a Sunday, we spend our money and go shopping ourselves.


Wrong reference chosen? Wrong size? It may happen and we at Zokk’n do not have a hard time understanding that. By law, you are entitled to 14 days to break your mind about whether or not you have made a wrong purchase. Within those 14 days you must inform us. And then you have another 14 days to make sure that the Zokk’n are back in our mailbox.
Oh, yes, important to know: we want a proof of purchase and we want our box back! The intention is also that the box was not half processed by a dog with stomach problems… We are moderate but it stops somewhere! On the neat box, which was not used for any other purpose, stick the return label you received in an e-mail. Only under these conditions we will accept the returned package without further questions and refund the order, excluding shipping costs. The return costs are for MyParcel, our partner in this…

Despite all the convenience we offer to send and return parcels, we believe that it should not be too foolish and that we should all be aware of packaging and transport. You can buy one piece from us, and we will ship it. But if you repeatedly buy only one piece, it hurts us a bit… May we also tempt you to visit the shops where the Zokk’n are located? Buying one piece is certainly not a problem there and that way you can enjoy being out the house. Sorry that we are so difficult about this, but sustainability is a bit in our DNA.