The story of Zokk'n

Universal problem

The laundry basket with single or orphan socks, the eternal search under the bed, behind the cupboard, in the washing machine for that other sock, throwing away a perfect sock because the other one is broken ... everyone knows this universal problem.

My son Tybo has had his personal solution for years: he just wears two different socks. Smart, but also not optimal because there is no match at all. I personally hate that. Even if nobody sees my socks, I want my complete outfit to be right. And I'm not the only one, right?

I knew that I could find a solution for this and in 2013 I decided to work out this plan effectively. At that time I had less than a gram of knowledge about raw material, the properties of yarn, the complexity of sock making. Years of research and a number of training courses on fibers and entrepreneurship have provided me with many insights.

Concept, sustainability, quality

I knew from the beginning that I would bring quality socks to the market. But what is quality?
For me: the 'touch' of material. The strength of the fiber. The utility factor. In relation to socks: I want warm feet in the winter and no sweaty feet in the summer. Quality is expensive and often fragile. In short: I want woolen socks and they are not allowed in the machine with any washing program.
Quality also goes with respect. Both are anchored, directly proportional. Without the one, the other cannot be. Respect for nature and for people who contribute to the realisation, from start to finish.

The socks would also become durable. It became a complex search. After a lot of trial and error, with a side jump to a spun thread of its own based on Dutch Alpaca, the decision was made to work with a blend with a high percentage of Italian merino.
Now there was a big windfall and it was in the concept itself, because, undeniably, of all sustainable solutions is the best and the most obvious one, the solution that has been around for centuries, and reads as follows:

"Sustainability begins with not throwing away something that is not broken

Socks simply have to be endlessly combinable!