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We from Zokk'n are understanding. We know that now that you've ordered those wonderful warm zokk'n, you want them at your feet as soon as possible. So we'll do our best. With the careful and fast processing of your data, packing the bag and delivering your parcel to bpost.
The latter usually happens on the day itself, at least if we have received the order on time and if the post office is still open.
That varies here: on Monday, Wednesday and Friday it can be disappointing because then the office closes at 5 pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, however, it only closes at 6pm. Every working day we cycle to the post office and for those who need it, bpost does everything in its power, subject to extra payment, to deliver on Saturdays.

On a public holiday or a Sunday we don't work, then we go for a walk.

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