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Wool soap

Wool soap

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Handmade soap with caring lanolin, ideal for washing and caring for wool!

Ingredients: organic coconut oil and olive oil, orange, cinnamon and 10% lanolin. Cubes of approximately 50 grams. NO palm oil, parabens, silicones, foaming agents, preservatives or synthetic additives.

Packed in kraft paper.

Suitable for hand washing, but can also be used in the machine.

Method: in a bucket of lukewarm water you grate a dot of wool soap, stir a little, the soap dissolves quickly. Soak your beautiful woolen things for five to ten minutes ... Oh well, the time needed to make a cup of coffee, repeat the sun salutation or drill that hole for that one painting that is still not hanging ... Wash out the soap pick up, squeeze water away (never wring!), hang up or lay down on a dry towel. Ready!

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