Collection: our single socks

We craft our collection of merino wool socks with nine beautiful colors that you can perfectly mix and match. We sell our socks individually (a pair costs €24) for those who want to create a mix & match right away!

Our fine socks are not yet available in all sizes, and in some sizes, not all styles are available. Since the socks hit the market in early 2019, we gradually expand our offering each year. Unfortunately, it doesn't always progress as quickly as we'd like, as we depend on our manufacturer in Portugal, which demands relatively high minimum quantities to initiate production. With time, support, and your purchases, we come a little closer each year to our goal of providing tasteful, comfortable, and trendy wool socks for every foot/size :)

Do you also love unique details? In our collection, you can identify the size by the color of the toe tip, making it easy to find your own socks in the laundry basket. Aha!

  • Size 17 - 19, toe tip in Purple Plumeria
  • Size 20 - 22, toe tip in Honey
  • Size 23 - 26, toe tip in Pink Salt
  • Size 27 - 30, toe tip in Airy Blue
  • Size 31 - 34, toe tip in Brazilian Sand
  • Size 35 - 38, toe tip in Hot Coral
  • Size 39 - 42, toe tip in Harbour Blue
  • Size 43 - 46, toe tip in Olive Branch
  • Size 47 - 49, toe tip in Phantom