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Bertha, single sock

Bertha, single sock

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Do you want to avoid sweaty feet? Wear wool socks! Nothing helps better, really not.

Now we make socks with 85% Italian merino wool, which is really a lot and because of that they also feel very soft. With this high percentage of wool we make socks that are nice and warm when it is cold outside. While they are just thin socks. If it is very warm, you will not get overheated feet thanks to that amount of wool. Crazy, huh! We often say it: nature has so much to offer, we just have to discover it again!

And yes our socks also have a seamless toe and also our socks are very comfortable thanks to that real rib structure so that the socks do not tighten around your calves.

But do you know why Zokk'n are just that little bit different from all the other socks? Ours are for sale per piece, and can always be nicely combined with each other thanks to the nine carefully selected colors! 

Price per sock (1 pair costs 24 €)

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