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Bubble Buddy

Bubble Buddy

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Bubble Buddy is a tool that promotes the use of bar soap. It can be used as a soap dish in which a bar of soap dries quickly, but also has a very nice grating shield. The grater can be used to make soap flakes that dissolve easily in soapy water, ideal for all kinds of cleaning and care purposes. No more plastic soap bottles required!

Without soap bar: for wool, check our special wool soap from Biolijf. Without palm oil.

Bubble Buddy was designed by Foekje Fleur for Goodtogive and part of the proceeds goes to Sea Shepherd. To truly thrive, marine life needs safe areas to feed, mate and raise their young without pollution, destructive gear, plastic and other marine debris that stifles and destroys their habitats. Sea Shepherd opposes the pollution of this fragile ecosystem and also supports projects that prevent more plastic from entering our waters, such as Bubble Buddy. Packed in a beautiful gift box, designed by Rachel Sender.

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